Albatros 2003 oder 2003 Albatros

A Sala-Manca performance
with sound by Grunewald and Finkelstein

Albatros 200x oder 200x Albatros” deals with the Yiddish modernist poetry from a current point of view, and with the Hebrew phonetic transliteration of Yiddish scripts. Texts and manifests from the main Yiddish poets of the 20th century (Peretz Markish, A. Leyeles, Avraham Sutzkever, Uri Tzvi Greenberg, Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, Yaakov Glatshteyn and more) live in harmony with original Yiddish texts written by Sala-Manca. The performance “Albatros 200x oder 200x Albatros”, re-visits those texts, and pays homage to their revolutionary spirit by using cutting edge and experimental technology to process and re-use them as audio-visual material.

The live sound version of this performance was prepared together with Finkelstein (Aviad Albert) & Grunewald (Eran Sachs).