Dead News

GWFZ Music

The Dead News project was originally developed as a video installation for Neuro — Networking Europe conference at the Muffathalle, Munich, in 2004. A long shot of the separation wall (which is currently being built in the occupied territories), taken from an East Jerusalem neighborhood, was screened on a huge wall inside the Muffathalle (splitting the space in two halves). On top of it ran random screenings of our “news clips” — little audio-visual works depicting images of the benign racist reality that cannot be consumed by the conservative broadcast stations. These news clips were later gathered for a release that never saw the light of day. All the music from Dead News is available here now.

Unfortunately, only three videos survived:

Killer CAT:

Martina Indyka:

Music Concrete:

Grunewald (Eran Sachs): no-input mixer and computer manipulations.
Finkelstein (Aviad Albert): digital mixer and audio/video editing.
Weichselbaum (Niv Hachlili) & Ziolkowsky (Ariel Efron): audio/video field recordings and video editing.

[Independent release, 2003]