Live @ Herzliya Museum

TaaPet Music

In 1998 Binya Reches and Aviad Albert were invited by the Herzliya Museum to perform at the opening event of a new exhibition. The two, who were then known as members of The Electronic Front, were gaining recognition for their live electronic sets, which at that time ran exclusively in clubs. The shift from club spaces to a museum space was a natural step forward, introducing new and different limitations to improvise with. It was at that night that TaaPet (the Hebrew word for wallpaper) was born. The documentation, which was originally recorded on a poor quality tape deck, was released a year later as TaaPet’s debut album for FACT Records. (The original CD release consisted of one long track. We broke it to eight parts for this web-release).

Music: Binya Reches, Aviad Albert; Mastering: TaaPet & Yaya Simon; Cover design: Binya & Yoav Reches.

[FACT Records, 2000]
[Hebrew name: הופעה חיה במוזיאון הרצליה]