Yannun Yannun

GWFZ Music

Yannun Yannun is an audio-visual performance which consists of an improvised video and live soundtrack. The work fuses original footage taken by activists in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with harsh minimalistic musical interpretation.

Yannun Yannun was originally released as a 2 CD set containing an audio album (available here), and a full version of the movie. 

A video trailer of Yannun Yannun:

[Trailer edited by aUTOkoNTRasT for Bizz Circuits Play Intifada Offspring (Mille Plateaux)]

Grunewald (Eran Sachs): no-input mixer.
Finkelstein (Aviad Albert): digital mixer.
Weichselbaum (Niv Hachlili) & Ziolkowsky (Ariel Efron): video.

[Independent release, 2003]

Still images from Yannun Yannun: