End of the Ear 2009

Can’t wait to say goodbye to 2009?

We’re going to say it real loud this time:

On Thursday, 31st of December, we’re holding the End of the Ear 2009 event @ Hagada Ha-smalit in Tel Aviv. We expect some weird shit to happen with live shows by Zager und Davidovsky, Kadaver and Balata (first show in two years!).

Yes, that’s right — Balata are back!

And wait, that’s not all… our friends from the Primate Arena in the Zimmer will hold an event a year after us, at 24:01 that night. Just a 5-minute walk from Hagada, and you can start 2010 fresh at the Zimmer. Now that’s what we call service!


Click here for Balata.

(listen to Balata directly from here):

Click here for Kadaver.

Click here for Daniel Davidovsky, and here for Rani Zager.

Click here for Hagada Ha-smalit.

Click here for a collection of flyers from previous Primate Arena events.

Hagada Ha-smalit, Ehad Ha-Am 70, Tel Aviv. 20 NIS at the door.

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