Primate Humiliation

Primate Humiliation
Kick ’em when they’re down!

The people behind the Frequency Humiliation series in collaboration with our friends from the legendary Primate Arena series. One night of uncontrolled mixtures and unexpected results.

Check out the line-up:

Nuns with Buns (Sveta + Gabi)
Zax + Bahmutzki + Nicoteen
BoneyFM (Lil’ Oof + Finkelstein)
Melt Kna’an (everyone’s invited)
Sveta + Davidovsky + Beirach
Finkelstein Vs. Alex Drool

Wednesday, 18.5.11, 20:00
Rogatka, Yitzhak sade 32, Tel Aviv.

10 shekels at the door.

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