TaaPet & Finkelstein shows this week

TaaPet will play live
at the Levontin on Friday,
January 20.

We open for Kid 606, who’s
about to play a live set
that night.

Nastyhabit + Nee will DJ.

Levontin 7, Tel Aviv.

Friday, January 20, 24:00.

(Facebook event)

Before that, on this Sunday night (January 15), Finkelstein will play live with Yoav Beirach (bass) at the Michatronix. It’s a goodbye event for our friend, the awesome Rona Geffen, who’s leaving soon for a few good months.

Rona will also play live followed by a DJ set from Alon Gorsky.

Michatronix, Ben Yehuda 28, Tel Aviv.

Sunday, January 15, 21:30.

(Facebook event)