Frequency Humiliation X

We’ve reached the tenth installment of our Frequency Humiliation events and we’re going to really humiliate those damn frequencies this time.

Freq.Hum-X will become a testing ground for a technique called “frequency segregation mixing”. It is achieved by assigning different chunks of the full frequency spectrum to different participants. It’s like a mega comb filter if you’d like, and it’s going to sound WEIRD.

The list of participants includes the following (in no particular order): Alex Drool, David Opp., Panda Porn, Ofir Bachmutzki, Zohar ‘El-Bootkeh’ Gedem, Deniel Davidovsky, Tom Sveta, Assaf Setti and Finkelstein.

After the test, our house-band, Frequently Humiliated (feat. Tom Sveta, Ben Ronen & Finkelstein), will wipe that stupid question mark off your faces and replace it with a steady grin.

(Facebook event)