Echoing Yafa: audiowalk

This Saturday marks the launch of a truly remarkable project that I’m honoured to be a part of: Echoing Yafa.

Echoing Yafa

Echoing Yafa was conceived and produced by Miri Schickler, with musical contributions by Finkelstein, Eran Sachs (who’s my partner in Lietterschpich and GWFZ), Lil’ Oof (who’s my partner in Lietterschpich, BoneyFM and life itself) and Meira Asher (who’s not my partner in any project yet… but we’re seriously thinking about it). This whole orgy was recorded, mixed and edited by the skilful hands of Binya Reches (yes, yes, my partner in TaaPet)!

The audiowalk is a 45-minutes-long tour in the Ex-Manshiyyah neighbourhood, which lies hidden underneath the streets of Tel Aviv. You will be guided by the stories of former residents of the neighbourhood, which will reconstruct its glorious past and its tragic ending, as it was eventually devoured by Tel Aviv.

To do the audiowalk you must download the audio files from the project’s website, (it will be updated very soon if you can’t find the audio yet), and bring an MP3 player or a smartphone. Don’t forget headphones, preferably good ones.

The plan for Saturday, February 22:
Part I 15:00–17:00 Launching the audiowalk outside the CCA building (5 Kalisher st., Tel Aviv)
Part II 16:00–22:00, Celebrating the launch of Echoing Yafa at Honey Beach (6 Nahum Goldman st., a few steps away from the end point of the audiowalk). DJ sets and live performances will be announced (follow the Facebook event)… I can already reveal that Panda Porn will play!

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    yeah nice, very good project
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