Website updates #5

1. On May 2009, Eran ‘Grunewald’ Sachs and myself released some field recordings from our visit to Micha’el Zupraner’s community TV station (HEB 2), located at the H2 area of occupied Hebron.

More than a year later, during September 2010, the three of us met to perform at the Zimmer with these sounds, together with Zupraner’s live video mix of sights and sounds from his projects. We are The HEB 3.

An excerpt from the recording of this show was released on a CD for the convention Panels: An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public (Maastricht, Oct. 2010).

The HEB 3 now have their own page under “Other projects”.

2. I erased the “Current projects” section of this website so BeSaye Desatane (בס”ד) also have their own page now under “Other projects”.

3. New pictures from Lietterschpich‘s recent get together were posted in Lietterschpich’s images page.