TaaPet live X2

Two Shows by TaaPet on the last weekend of January

1. TaaPet are the guests of the upcoming Dub El Wad #15 @ The Bass, Jerusalem:

Thursday, January 27, 22:00. The Bass, Ha-histadrut 1, Jerusalem.

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2. On the following night, in Tel Aviv, TaaPet will join the line-up on Antifa Rave #2: Art & music against fascism:

Line-up is still tentative and should also include Self D (DJ), Yasamba (Live Drumming), Rona Geffen (Live), Dani Z (DJ), Mule Driver (Live) and Hamster (DJ).

Friday, January 28, 22:00. Kibbuts Galuyot 45, Tel-Aviv.

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