A new radio-collage by Finkelstein

“Gera Hights” (“מעלה גירה”), radio-collage (30 min)

“Gera Hights” is a new sound work that I prepared for Meira Asher’s radio-art show on 106FM (Kol Hakampus radio).
The work is based entirely on recordings of two days from “Reshet Bet” (the Israeli NPR, more or less), from September 30 and October 1 2014. It re-chews (or ruminates) the ingredients that “Reshet Bet” throws into the airwaves, and eventually pukes them back to the same murky waves, courtesy of Meira Asher and Kol Hakampus radio.
You’re invited to participate in this quirky digestive process and listen to the program today (October 19, 2014, at 23:00 local time) on Kol HaKampus radio, 106FM in Tel Aviv area, or online on the station’s website or on the dedicated Mixcloud page (the online sources can be reached at any time after the first airplay).


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