A new track by BoneyFM

Treaty is a brand new BoneyFM track, which features all the members of Lietterschpich, who themselves include the whole BoneyFM duo. Whatever… this one turned out to be a Boney, not a Lietter!

BoneyFM feat. LietterschpichTreaty

This track is actually the first proper release from new materials that Lietterschpich recorded in the last 3 years. It is, in fact, the early bird out of the full forthcoming Lietterschpich album (stay tuned!).

We are happy to release this BoneyFM track in a new compilation that was released last weekend by our friends in Jerusalem, Fifth Quarter – Current Raw Sounds of Jerusalem, compiled and produced by the good souls behind the Raash Hour radio project.

Fifth Quarter comes in a limited 12″ vinyl version featuring 8 selected tracks, as well as an infinite digital version, which holds 19 new original and very diverse tracks. Good stuff!