Lietterschpich open for Wolf Eyes

We’re still licking the wounds from Nate Young’s recent appearances here at the (Isra)hell mouth, and now the whole Wolf Eyes gang is coming to finish the job!

Now, if that’s not exciting enough, we are also going to support this little Wolf Eyes tour with opening shows by Lietterchpich.

wolf eyes & lietterschpich live

And don’t think that it’s only because we’re die-hard Wolf Eyes groupies that we’re finally back on stage… We actually have a brand new album ready for release later this year, so prepare yourselves for some more Lietterschpich action in the coming months.

Lietterschpich will open for Wolf Eyes in Jerusalem on February 11, and in Tel Aviv on February 12. There’s another show in Haifa on the 10th, but, sadly, without Lietterschpich. Anyway, you can find all the details in the Facebook event.