New album from mfikn pRty

mfikn pRty is a collaboration between the great synth and voice improviser, Mik Quantius, and the duo behind BoneyFM, Finkelbert (Aviad Albert) and Lil’ Oof (Alma BYT). mfikn pRty is hard to pronounce and it makes no sense. It’s the lost-and-found department for sad pop tunes, industrial techno, analogue folk and digital dub.

Our new album, Elfs, is released today by the cool cats of Raash Records in Jerusa-lame/Al-Quds and it is available both in cassette tape and digital forms.

Elfs is dedicated to the loving memory of two Jerusalemite giants, personal friends and local heroes that left a huge void in our heart: Maurice Sarfati (1947-2018) and Ezra Yitzhak Nawi (1952-2021).